Short description

In September 1991 I started a study Technical Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. During this study my main interest was in mathematics applied in physical context. In November 1995 I finished my masters thesis on optimization of the reload pattern for a nuclear reactor using perturbation theory. This research was carried out as a cooperation project between the Mathematical Physics group and the Interfaculty Reactor Institute (IRI). In January 1996 I graduated.

By that time, I already started working on a research (PhD) project concerning speaker verification in telephony applications, as OiO (lit. researcher being educated) at the Department of Language and Speech in Nijmegen. More information about this project on speaker verification can be found on my home page at L&S. If you are interested in my publications, an overview is available. My thesis defense was scheduled for Tuesday 12 December 2000, at 15:30h, in the Auditorium of the University of Nijmegen. More information about my thesis is available here. Pictures of the defense and the party are here.

Currently, I work at the Telematics Institute in projects on XML standardization, web services, and application service provisioning. Current projects include EAN Xforms, ASPect and WASP (Freeband). Less recent projects are Moda, Chase, Virtuele haven and GigaTS (GigaPort). More information about these projects and a collection of links can be found at my projects page. Error processing SSI file